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This best-of our 2011 online issues includes Mike Meginnis, Heather Fowler, Cooper Renner, Kathleen Rooney, John Minichillo, and more! You can order it HERE!!!!! (or go to "Print" on our menu bar)

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Justin Kramon's The Preservationist


Real Fine China
by Ryan Burden

Green House
by Joel E. R. Smith

The Laws of Attraction
by Elizabeth E. Sachs

Beach Balls Tell Me To Marry You
by E. P. Chiew

by Michelle Elvy

This Is Not a Confession
by Gregory Wolos

A Series of Unsustainable Arrangements
by Jessica Alexander


Accidental Spurts
by Shane Moritz

The Opposite of Drowning
by Susan Moorhead

Why I Am Not a Poet
by Nathan Knapp


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by Eve Strillacci


Diner in the Rain

After the Funeral
by Camille Hugret

A Thousand Acres Faded Yellow
by LeRoy Sorenson

Meditations on a Lightning Storm that Happened in 1894
by John Brantingham

In the Bright House
by Liza Katz

Plum Flesh
by Samantha Killmeyer

The Head Towel

I can bite through a hundred pounds

Under sleep-water
by Julia Dasbach


Siege Engine

Southern Heat
by Kelly McQuain

by Dillon J. Welch


Mother's Vanity
by Julia Wendell


Gothic American
by Brad Efford


Christine Stewart: MFA My Way

Stop Breaking Bad: Harness the Power of the Line Break

Meg Tuite: Exquisite Duet

Addicted to Love/Brian Flozzi
by Howie Good/Agnes Marton

Post-op/Flotsam and Jetsam
by Sudasi Clement/Laura Madeline Wiseman

God lives in the Downtown Eastside/The End of Us
by Cynthia Dewi Oka/Len Kuntz

Book Reviews

Spill by Malaika King Albrecht
(Reviewed by Barret Warner)

Hypothetical Girl by Elizabeth Cohen
(Reviewed by Ashley Begley)

Whatever Don't Drown Will Always Rise by Justin Daugherty
(Reviewed by Mike Tager)

The Natural Order of Things by Kevin P. Keating
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Watering Heaven by Peter Tieryas Liu
(Reviewed by Nancy Terry)

The Bed Our Bodies Shaped by April Lindner
(Reviewed by Jessica Tanner)

This Is Not a Situation in Which You Should Remain Calm by Michelle Reale
(Reviewed by Rebecca Titus)

jmww Poetry Chapbook Contest!

We are now welcoming submissions for our inaugural poetry chapbook contest, to be judged by Oliver de la Paz. The winning poet will receive $500, plus publication and 5 letterpress-cover copies of the chapbook. Deadline: October 1, 2013; Entry fee: $15.

For guidelines and submission information, please visit our submission manager. Entries open on June 14, 2013.

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