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An Interview with Robin Black (by Curtis Smith)


The Island Theory
by C. Morgan Babst

by Daniel Enjay Wong

Three Times Lucky at Hautala's General Store
by Sarah Overland

Angela Parked
by Laura Bogart

Flash Fiction

by Max Vande Vaarst

Before You Begin
by Mike Joyce

Alastair Dances Alone
by Jason Shults

I Think She Was Crying
by Joseph Giordano


The Tomb of Lady Fu Hao

Self-Portrait as a Wooden Bird

My Hand on the Phone

The Black Umbrella
by Barbara Daniels


The Landscape

A Bird Comes Close
by David Mohan


Bird's Eye Maple
by Meg Eden

Getting There


Weather Is Beautiful
by Nicole Callihan

Worried About a Child in the ICU
by Emily Brandt

Prayer of Intercession, Winter
by Luke Hollis

by William Fargason

by Dean Johnson


Crows Overhead

Behind a Grove
by Dana Yost

from Dear Anna

from Dear Anna
by Jon-Michael Frank

Who Needs a Shadow


The Line between a Letter and a Love Letter
by Alexandra Daley

Lime Shadows and Blue Rain

Among the Insipid Hellos
by William Doreski

Like History

by C. Derick Varn

from The Storm
by Caitlin Grace McDonnell


Etiquette for Glacial Ice
by Sara Biggs Chaney

Humming Prayers in Our Mouths
by James A.H. White

Once in a While
by M.K. Sukach


Christine Stewart: MFA My Way

How to Bring More Spontaneity, Imperfection, & Risk into Your Writing

Meg Tuite: Exquisite Duet

Touch/Of Revolution
by Michelle Elvy/Dena Rash Guzman

Regret/The Bird-House
by Joani Reese/April Michelle Bratten

Novena Pour Roulette/After A Quote by Viktor Frankl
by Dennis Mahagin/Teisha Dawn Twomey

Book Reviews

Humboldt, or The Power of Positive Thinking by Scott Navicky
(Reviewed by Mike Tager)

Goodnight Nobody by Ethel Rohan
(Reviewed by Mia Daniels)

Her Familiars by Jane Satterfield
(Reviewed by Amanda Kelley)

The &Now Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing Edited by Davis Schneiderman
(Reviewed by Ashley Begley)

Of Beasts and Men by Curtis Smith
(Reviewed by Scott Carpenter)

Bound by Blue by Meg Tuite
(Reviewed by Ashley Begley)

Fondly by Colin Winnette
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

The Whack-Job Girls by Bonnie ZoBell
(Reviewed by Mia Daniels)

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