In this issue:

New Work from
Maddison Smartt Bell

Jessica Anya Blau,
author of The Summer of
Naked Swim Parties

Art: Brian Baltz's

jmww. summer 2009

Editor's Note

High Five

Haut Cinq by Jessica Anya Blau


(from Devil's Dream)
forthcoming from Pantheon, November 2009)

by Madison Smartt Bell

Excerpt from MLKING SCKLS
(Publishing Genius, 2009)

by Justin Sirois


The Crickets Try to Organize Themselves Into
Some Raucous Pentameter

by Jac Jemc

It Is Margaret
by Leslie F. Miller

Maki's Dead
by Kevin Spaide

The Illusion of a Secret Briefcase
by Sean Thomas

Flash Fiction

Non-Custodial Parent
by Jim Coppoc

Thanks for Looking After Sinamyn
by James Iredell

by Meg E. Pokrass

Early Thoughts on the Oedipus Complex
by Rebecca Coffey

If I Kiss That Girl
by Heather Fowler

by Jason Kerzinski

& (thirty-six)
by J.A. Tyler


Rocket Children
by Donald Illich

Class Warfare
by Derick Varn

by Derick Varn


Bryan Baltz Has Got Stories to Tell


Step-by-Step Poetry: Deconstructing Mark Doty
by Gary Lehmann

Book and Chapbook Reviews

Precious by Sandra Novack
(Reviewed by Ashlie Kauffman)

American Soma by Savannah Schroll Guz
(Reviewed by Catherine Harrison)

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