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Editor's Note


I Thought I'd Do Anything
by Rebecca Kanner

Our Fighter
by Jamie Wilson

Forest Hills
by Danny Goodman

Blood Sausage
by Dan Alamia

Reply Back Here
by Lam Pham

Sugar and Water
by Claudia Zuluaga

Something Gordon Never Thought Himself Capable of
by Salvatore Pane

In the Woods
by Robert Morton

Flash Fiction

Solve for x, where x is an integer such that x > 0
by Gabriel Blackwell

That We Never Knew This Reaches Upward, Assists the Room Grew
by Andrew Borgstrom

Parrot, Bone
by Luca Dipierro & Leni Zumas

From Michael Palmer vs. Michael Palmer (2)
by Michael Leong

Death Manual P. VII: Instructions for Participation in Mass Suicide Ritual
by David Peak

by Cooper Renner

by Cooper Renner

The Atrocity Canary
by Cooper Renner

Coma Girls
by Cooper Renner

by Cooper Renner

by Cooper Renner

Wikipedia: Davis Schneiderman
by Davis Schneiderman

by Davis Schneiderman

Wikipedia: Art
by Davis Schneiderman

Wikipedia: Plagiarism
by Davis Schneiderman

Why yes...I do have too many shoes
by Ken Sparling

Civic Duty
by John Dermot Woods

Statute of Limitations
by John Dermot Woods

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Ark Codex 0-1-7

Ark Codex 0-1-8

Ark Codex 0-1-9

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Ark Codex 0-1-11


Harsh Winter
by Joshua Michael Stewart

Your Mother
by Adam Peterson

Dream (1)
by Travis Kurowski

MFA My Way

In Writing, As in Life, You Must Have Character
by Christine Stewart

Book Reviews

The Cows by Lydia Davis
(Reviewed by Matthew Thompson)

An Easy Place/To Die by Vincent Cellucci
(Reviewed by Eve Strillacci)

Makeshift Instructions for Vigilant Girls by Erika Meitner
(Reviewed by Kelly Hatter)

The Gospel of Anarchy by Justin Taylor
(Reviewed by Patrick Trotti)

Girls & Women by Chella Courington
(Reviewed by Dave Kiefaber)

I Don't Respect Female Expression by Frank Hinton
(Reviewed by Robert Vaughan)

Tracks by Eric D. Goodman
(Reviewed by Barbara Morrison)

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