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Editor's Note


by David Atkinson

Couvade Syndrome
by Jamey Davidsmeyer

The Island
by Jacques Debrot

This Tornado Loves You
by Timothy Gager

In the China Closet
by Paul Jaskunas

The Indigents
by Paul Jaskunas

by W.F. Lantry

The First Hour, the Last Hour
by Katherine D. Stutzman

Diplomas and Certificates
by Brandi Wells


You Need to Have a Plan
by Rachel Barrett

by Liz Bowen

by Molly Brodak

Pink Trees
by Molly Brodak

You Have Died of Dysentery
by Daniel Heffner

Year of the Coyote
by Bill Neumire

Betsy Patterson Bonaparte to Her Brother-in-Law,
Upon Landing at Dover Alone and Nine Months Pregnant, 1805

by Shelley Puhak

Wallis Simpson Writes to Her Ex-Husband Ernest After
Listening to King Edward Abdicate over the Radio

by Shelley Puhak

by Karen Alayna Thimell

We Woke Up Neck Deep in Cherry Blossoms and the World
by Russ Woods


Getting Even
by Tyler Leeds

MFA My Way

Song and Story: The Lyric-Narrative Poem
by Christine Stewart

Special Summer Book Review Section!

Rough Likeness by Lia Purpura
(Reviewed by Girija Sankar)

The Greatest Show by Michael Downs
(Reviewed by Barrett Warner)

Shopping for a Better Country: Essays by Josip Novakovich
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Messages by Piotr Gwiazda
(Reviewed by Elizabeth DeFries)

Tongue of War by Tony Barnstone
(Reviewed by Barrett Warner)

Cul de Sac: Stories by Scott Wrobel
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Watch the Doors as They Close by Karen Lillis
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Dominant Traits by Eric Freeze
(Reviewed by Bill Black)

Hot Sonnets: An Anthology by Moira Egan and Clarinda Harriss (editors)
(Reviewed by Gretchen Hodgin)

Surrounded by Water by Stephanie Freele
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Deviant by Austin Wall
(Reviewed by Dave Kiefaber)

Mythology of Touch by Mary Stone Dockery
(Reviewed by CL Bledsoe)

Love-In-Idleness by Christopher Hennessy
(Reviewed by Eric Loy)

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