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Editor's Note

The Music of Ashes, after a line from Joseph Ross

Blues for the Suburbs

The Old Pain's Ubi Sunt
by C. L. Bledsoe



Shot and Shrapnel
by Jessica Dotson

The Bone House

The Final Return of the Dead
by Christian Rees

Varet Street, October

Fort Tilden, September

Coney Island, August

by Monica Wendel

Untitled #1

Untitled #2
by Simon Perchik



Cause and Effect
by Monty Jones

by Changming Yuan

Labyrinth 5

Labyrinth 17

Labyrinth 23

Labyrinth 27

Labyrinth 28
by Oliver de la Paz

Have a Heart

Time Piece

The Glencoe Beaver
by Barrett Warner

At Breath's End

After a Festival Screening of Andersson's You, the Living
Paul Arrand Rodgers


by Elliott Sanders

by Shelia Lamb

What Happens Next
by Cheryl Kidder

Flash Fiction

Red Hands

Based on a True Story

Everything is bullshit except for what you say to someone naked in bed (for KW)

Like Pyramids
by Gregory Sherl

The Naming of Girls
by Tawnysha Greene

The Rules for Eating Burned Toast
by Alex Koplow

by Ajay Vishwanathan

Leaving Lena
by Jeannann Verlee

MFA My Way

Radical Revision Techniques
by Christine Stewart

Book Reviews

The New Arcana by John Amen and Daniel Y. Harris
(Reviewed by CL Bledsoe)

Compendium by Kristina Marie Darling
(Reviewed by Alexa McMahon)

The Law of Strings by Steven Gillis
(Reviewed by Inga Schmidt)

The Body Double by Jared Harel
(Reviewed by Alexa McMahon)

The Terrifying, Terrific, Tantalizing Tall Tale of Tommy Twice by Nathan Leslie
(Reviewed by Scott Carpenter)

Blue Suburban Skies by Richard Peabody
(Reviewed by Rosalia Scalia)

The Flamer by Ben Rogers
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

BLANK: A Novel by Davis Schneiderman
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

May We Shed These Human Bodies by Amber Sparks
(Reviewed by Melanie Page)

Ardency by Kevin Young
(Reviewed by Barrett Warner)

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